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By The Business Press - November 9, 2020

Primeway P29 Copper Mask:

Elevating The Quality Of Public Health Protection One Mask At A Time

A year ago, could you have imagined living in a world where wearing a mask would be mandatory every time you’d step out of your house? Thanks to Covid-19, this unimaginable scenario has become our reality. Since the demand for masks has reached an all-time high, many companies have stepped in to offer adequate mask protection. However, when you’re driven by cheques and balances, quality suffers. Unlike other money-driven ventures, Primeway, launched on 24th July 2020 by a dynamic entrepreneur Pulkit, is a startup that focuses on elevating the quality of public health protection by providing quality face masks that are as reliable as they’re durable.

How it all began

Ever since the lockdown began in March, Pulkit tried out at least 20 different types of masks which were available locally – from Surgical Masks to 7 Ply Masks. But they were neither comfortable, nor breathable nor light-weight. Degree of protection was doubtful. He was desperate to find just the right kind of mask since it was a question of safety and survival. He finally zeroed in on a mask from South Korea, imported it and offered it to friends and family. That’s the story behind Primeway P29 Copper Mask.

Masks that make a difference

Primeway P29 Copper Mask has a patented infused copper ions coating & deodorizing technology from South Korea, the leaders in the fight against the pandemic. The antiviral properties of copper are harnessed to make the safest, most comfortable face mask in the market today. The sleek Mask has two layers of filter which maximizes protection. 1st layer is completely coated with copper, giving an outstanding antibacterial effect & 2nd layer is the filter PU Foam Layer.

Copper ions are infused in the threads to provide long term effectiveness & exert super antibacterial performance against various bacteria, germs and viruses. The copper coating protects against viruses by not only blocking but also killing 99% germs. The mask is accredited by esteemed organizations like Kotiti, Foam Works, Fiti and SGS. They’re sold online exclusively through Primeway portal making these accessible to people across India.

Primeway P29 Copper Mask: Features at a glance

The Premium Mask is being hailed as “M3” Magic Miracle Mask. Some of its features are:

  • Extremely Breathable
  • Feather light Material
  • Super Comfortable & Soft
  • Antibacterial, Anti-Odor
  • Prevents virus proliferation
  • Washable & Reusable up to 50 times
  • Inbuilt Air Purifier Filtration – Filters harmful dust, nano airborne particles.
  • Anti-Fogging for Spectacles/ Glasses
  • Water Resistant, prevents moisture and provides insulation effect.
  • Wrinkle Free, Quick Dry – Retains Original shape, has good elasticity and cushion.
  • Great for Sports & Activities like Cycling, Running, Training, Jogging, Hiking etc.
  • Extra Space for Better Air Circulation & allows Smooth Communication & Clear audibility for Meetings & Conversations.
  • Ergonomic 3D Shape
  • Stretchable, Secure Fit
  • Maximum Face Coverage
  • Blocking 99% of UV Rays

Facing the future with protection and optimism

About the future aspirations, Pulkit says “We hope the consumers enjoy using our offered products, as much as we enjoy designing, manufacturing, sourcing and listing it for them! We want to be known for our innovative products and solutions provided to the consumers for everyday problems. In the coming years, we aspire to be a renowned brand name, with each and every satisfied household using our quality products.”